What’s the difference between a standard account and a premium account?

A standard account is for anyone who wants to post. A premium account is for those who want to drive traffic to their website, blog, YouTube channel, e-book, webinar or any other online resource.

Is it free to sign up?

Standard accounts are free. For a limited time, premium accounts are also free.

What's the point system?

Contributors earn 10 points for every posted result, an extra 5 points if they are the first to post and 1 point every time one of their posts is voted helpful. The more points earned, the higher the level achieved until reaching the highest level as Top Contributor. Premium account holders with the highest points will be listed first on our Find an Expert page.

0 - 49 points = Level 1
50 points = Level 2
100 points = Level 3
250 points = Level 4
500 points = Level 5
1,000 points = Top Contributor

How do I qualify as an expert?

All premium account holders are listed on our Find an Expert page. Experts are ranked by number of points. The higher your points, the higher your name shows up on the list when users search for your topic of expertise.

How do you combat fake results?

Anonymous posting is not allowed. Each contributor must have an account. We also rely on community engagement to flag suspicious results. Any vague, generic or unspecific results should be flagged. Help us to maintain the quality of posts.